As a full-service marketing, economics and survey research firm, CIC has earned a reputation for reliability and objectivity.   CIC performs its services on a non-contingency fixed-fee basis, which ensures impartial data collection and analysis.  The firm has a strong in-house professional staff providing expertise in the areas of marketing, economic, land use, financial analysis, survey design, data collection, coding, custom data processing, travel, tourism and events research, and full-service quantitative research.  The advantages of having all staff under one roof are enormous and include consistency, quality assurance, as well as ease and expediency of communication.

In today's marketplace making decisions can involve big dollars and place you or your business at risk.  To make these tough decisions you need the right information.  You need a market research company with a proven track record and strong capabilities.  CIC Research, Inc. has both the track record and capabilities required to bring you the most reliable information you need to make key business decisions for future success.

2024 CIC Research, Inc., San Diego, California